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Less is More

These little words of wisdom can be applied to pretty much anything in life. But it is best applied when talking about good design. Whether you are designing a series of print ads, business stationary or the specs of your product’s packaging, less is ALWAYS more.

Some of the most successful logo designs are simply the perfect mixtures of shapes, typography and negative space. And that’s another thing, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE WHITE SPACE! White space is a design’s best friend! Not every single space on the art board needs to be filled with color, shapes or words.

A simple design is way more attractive than an over-crowded and jumbled mess on a grocery store shelf! Giving your design space to breath allows you to present your brand to the consumer in a visually pleasing way. You don’t want a potential buyer to pick up your package or read your advertisement and not understand what your brand is saying. Following the “less is more” rule is critical when designing because the base of graphic design is communication. If you complicate what you are communicating than your message will never be read and your brand will not be as successful as you dreamed.

Examples of design following the “Less is More” rule:

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